New Boiler Installations


Intergas Combi Compact HRE boilerAll boiler installations include:
A full system flush with Sentinel cleanser to remove iron oxide magnetite sludge and other debris from radiators and pipework, and addition of a corrosion inhibitor to the system. This is also a requirement of any new boiler’s warranty.
A Magnaclean or Spirotrap MB3 filter to to remove any remaining traces of sludge.
Room Thermostat & Thermostatic radiator valves (if not already fitted)

Although we install any boiler of your choice we recommend Intergas boilers, which though comparable in price to Worcesters and Vaillants, have fewer moving parts and therefore have a lot less to go wrong, chiefly no diverter valve to wear out or get seized up with magnetite and the fact that the pump during a demand for hot water, saving energy and wear-and-tear; they are robust and easy to maintain and the heat-exchanger has a 10 year guarantee:
“Due to the separate central heating and hot water circuits the Intergas Combi Compact HRE is unique in its kind because of the absence of a diverter valve and secondary domestic hot water plate heat exchanger, thus eliminating a significant source of possible future component failures. Thanks to the economical operation of the Intergas Combi Compact boiler a considerable saving in energy consumption is realised. A switch-mode power supply reduces the so called stand-by losses to almost zero.”